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How Can Mosquito Squad Rescue Your Barn?

You might think that mosquitos might stop where your lawn stops, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. If you have fields, outbuildings, or even a barn, you’re all too familiar with just how invasive mosquitos can be—and so are any animals you might have. Especially if you’re a livestock owner, you know that mosquitos don’t discriminate and that they’ll go after horses, cows, pigs, goats, humans, and any other warm-blooded creature that happens to be in the line of fire. This means that if you have a farm or even just a few larger animals—you’ve just created a prime target for mosquito activity.

If you have large animals, here are the places mosquitos are likely to hide, and the ways that you can stop them.

Stock tanks are a mosquito’s dream come true

Large animals need water to drink, so standing water in areas where horses or cows are out to pasture is non-negotiable, but that can also provide an unfortunate amount of opportunity for mosquitos to lay eggs. In order to offset this, make sure the water in every tank stays as fresh as possible.

Large animals are very attractive to mosquitoes

Your livestock themselves are the main attraction for mosquitos, so covering as much of their bodies as possible is another way that you can protect them. Fly masks, sheets, leg covers, and more—you name it, it’s on the market. These can be covered with fly and mosquito repellent as well. However, many animals do not like these items, and will object when you try to put them on or try to rub them off themselves. There are sprays you can buy to spray directly on your animals—but again, many animals, especially horses, may object strongly to these items.

Trees and unmown grass give mosquitoes cover

Make sure that all the green areas around your barn are taken care of as well. Consider spraying the lower limbs of shade trees, where mosquitos like to hang out and trim lower branches when you can. Make sure all grass stays trimmed and neat since adult mosquitos rest in weeds and tall grass. Also, if all your greenery is short, there are fewer places for water to collect and host mosquito eggs.

A barn environment can be easy pickin for mosquitoes

If nothing else, make sure that your barn environment is as discouraging as possible for any pesky visitors. Make sure to install fans, as smaller bugs often have a hard time in strong air currents. Screens can also help but can be impractical if you have a large number of animals that need to go in and out regularly.

It’s vital to keep your animals safe from mosquitos, as many animals will not eat properly if bothered by these pesky creatures. Cows and goats can become underweight and produce less milk, while horses can become bad-tempered and unruly. If you’re concerned about mosquitos bothering your livestock, or even just your adventurous dogs and cats, Mosquito Squad of Victoria is ready to roll. We can install a spray system in your barn to keep your animals pest-free. So don’t hesitate: call us today at (361) 894 – 8642.

You’re Not Alone: Mosquitoes in The Fall

Ah, summer is over at last. The heat has abated, school is back in session, and it’s time to finally get some relief from the oppressive (and sticky) Texas heat. Weekend cookouts and sand-covered vacations may be a thing of the past, but don’t get caught in the common trap of thinking that just because it’s cooling off that those nasty insectoid predators that haunt your yard are a thing of the past.

Not so. Even when the weather cools off, the mosquitoes don’t just disappear. Don’t get caught unawares—know exactly what those sly skeeters are up to this fall.

Do mosquitoes hibernate?

Mosquitoes can actually hibernate, just like bears. Often during the fall, they’ll spend their time preparing for winter by either laying eggs or fattening up for the long sleep. This behavior varies by species, as some types of mosquitoes will hibernate over winter and lay eggs in the spring when the rains begin, and some will lay winter-hardy eggs that will hatch of their own accord when the time is right.

Mosquitoes like cool, not cold

Since mosquitoes are cold-blooded, they will hibernate and die off, but only once the temperatures are consistently below 50F. As such, in the early months of fall, and in Texas, sometimes for all of fall, they’ll be perfectly happy to continue bothering you all through the cool months you were so looking forward to. If it’s a brisk 60 in your backyard, even if the wind is blowing and the leaves are falling: you’re not alone.

How cold is cold enough to get rid of mosquitoes?

A hard frost will kill all exposed mosquitoes, with few exceptions. A hard frost is usually defined as two consecutive hours at a temperature below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. (The best part about weather this cold is that you can wear more layers, and really up your mosquito prevention game.)

When will mosquito season end?

While some mosquitoes may be able to survive the winter, usually they stop biting after the first frost. Now, since we’re in Texas, that might be in early January, or potentially never, depending on where you’re located. When the temperatures get below 50F, you’ll feel some relief, but if it remains consistently warmer, they’re just as likely to come back. Better safe than sorry—get your yard sprayed before it’s too late.

How can you help keep the mosquito population at a minimum?

You can help remove nearby mosquito breeding grounds in the fall by limiting the amount of water in your yard. Remove standing water from birdbaths, flowerpots, and gutters, remove piles of leaves and keep loose branches in your yard trimmed and under control. Fix any leaky faucets and drain the pool if it’s unused. You can’t go too far in your efforts to limit mosquito breeding grounds. Where there’s standing water, there will be skeeters. Stop that train before it starts!

Still dealing with pesky bugs this fall? Mosquito Squad of Victoria has your back. We’ve got the juice to keep your yard safe and sound in any season, any time. And you know what they say. When you find yourself in times of trouble, Mosquito Squad comes to you… So call us today: (361) 894 – 8642.

The Case of the Backyard Beastie: A Cautionary Mosquito Tale

Of all the barbeque joints in all the towns in all the world, she walked into mine. I mean, sure, it was more of a back-porch sort of deal than anything else—and let me tell you, this trench coat gets hot out there without air-conditioning.

So, she walks up the drive, see, and she’s got this stare that would make a cat jump sideways. I sat up straight and took notice. Blonde and commanding to be sure, but when she got up close you could see it: angry red bites up and down each arm, like she’d been attacked by a hole punch. And she’d been scratching something terrible.

She held out her right arm, and it’s all covered in bites, with fingernail marks from wrist to elbow like striped red gloves. It was terrible.

She says to me—please, find out what’s doing this. Tell me, Jack—who done it?

“All I want,” she said, “is to have a decent barbeque in the backyard without my friends and I getting eaten alive.”

Now as a rule, I’m an old washed-up desperado, and I don’t take jobs like this anymore. Not after what happened in Peru. But she was desperate, and I heard the sound of money in her voice, and I thought just maybe, this old dog could do one more trick.

So I took the gig. Help the dame, dig up who—or what—has been taking cheap shots at her arms and legs.

We went back to her place, and she showed me around her backyard. Instantly, I started to pick up clues. A pool, dirty, with floating leaves, not cleaned recently. An upside-down flowerpot, with water collecting in the brim. A pile of raked hedge clippings heaped up in the corner next to the compost heap.

The wet stench of rotting vegetation hung heavy in the air. My first thought was the obvious: do you have pets? A dog or cat that skulked around out here would be sure to come back with fleas, or at least filthy and muddy after a good rain.

“No,” she said. “And if I did, they wouldn’t have fleas.”

All right, all right. Chiggers, perhaps? If the bites had concentrated around the ankles or wrists, or anywhere that clothing pulled tight…

She curled her lip. “No, it’s only exposed skin.”

I made sure we were in the right ballpark—

“You’re sure it never happens inside?” Maybe I could fix my penetrating investigatory gaze on bedbugs instead and leave the putrid swap that was that backyard.

“No, it’s only when I come out here. Every picnic, every lunch on the porch, or Friday night festivity, that’s when the biting happens. This monster lives outside, I just know it.”

That is, assuming those were bites at all, and she didn’t have an unusual measles outbreak. Or a temperamental allergy.

She flashed me a dirty look. “I know what a bug bite looks like.”

Hmm. Brooding, I pulled my sweltering coat around myself and stalked through the humidity, pushing through the overgrown hedge with my shins. I knelt and poured the water out of the bottom of the flowerpot.

I asked her when it had last rained.

“Oh, it rains so much now. Once a week at least. Last time was… a week, ten days ago.”

I thought for a long moment and took a swig of my soda. It was warm. And flat.

I stared at the birdbath in the center of the yard. It, too, was full of water. Ugly, dank, standing water, that had formed a thin film across the top.

Suddenly, I understood. I turned to her without preamble.

“Dump out all the water in your yard at once,” I said, “and get that hedge trimmed. This is a very simple case.”

I gestured at the birdbath.

“That’s a stagnant breeding haven for the little pests that are making your life hell. Get rid of all standing water, loose vegetation, and cover that pool if you’re not using it.”

She started to protest, but I looked her dead in the eye.

“And for the love of all things holy, if you ever want to go outside again, call Mosquito Squad of Victoria. Get your yard sprayed, and you’ll have it all to yourself without a single bloodsucking beastie.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“Give it to me straight. What’s been biting me and my friends? Do I have an infestation?”

I sighed.

“My dear, you have mosquitoes.”

Hurricane Season Preparedness: The Mosquito Prevention Way

It’s just one of those facts of life: where there’s standing water, there will be mosquitoes. And there’s no greater potential for standing water than after a hurricane. If it weren’t bad enough that all that water falls from the sky, with the increased rainfall, lakes and creeks can rise to dangerous levels. Even if your yard isn’t covered in a foot of water that laps at your porch—or worse, reaches all the way into your home—your neighbor’s yard might be a veritable swamp, and there’s nothing you can do about that. As we reach the one-year anniversary mark of Hurricane Harvey, it’s worth taking a moment to think about how you can mosquito-proof your yard in the event of another such disaster.

1. Protect your property

Beyond covering your windows with plywood, make sure you cover anything that must remain outside tightly with a tarp, whether it’s patio furniture, prize begonias, or a small tool shed. Make sure that your tarp is supported in the middle, so that water won’t pool in the middle and potentially stand for days at a time.

2. Banish opportunities for standing water

Make a round of your yard before the storm begins and turn anything that could collect water upside down. Whether that’s empty flowerpots, a birdbath, or warped playground equipment, make sure there’s no way any water could stand any longer than it has to.

3. Remove brush and debris

Remove all loose brush and leaves from your yard, and that includes loose branches that are still technically attached to the trees. Don’t take any chances on limbs that might not fall off in a heavy wind, just get rid of them before they can do any damage or host any mosquito egg-laying parties.

4. Treat your yard

We know it’s a no-brainer at this point, but definitely let Mosquito Squad of Victoria treat your yard for ticks and mosquitoes. Our system provides the ultimate protection from biting pests, no matter what natural disaster comes your way. With a mosquito misting system like ours, you’ll have total control over flying pests in your yard, even in the middle of a hurricane.

5. Direct action

Once the storm has passed, don’t hesitate. When the rain stops falling, the wind stops blowing, and the sun comes out again, it’s time to head out to the yard and mosquito-proof your yard again. Dump out any standing water in tarps or buckets, clean out your gutters and drains, make sure you keep the grass trimmed and other greenery short and sweet.

In coastal towns, with hurricanes come heavy rainfall, so that means mosquitoes are here to stay unless you break out the big guns. Don’t be afraid to call Mosquito Squad of Victoria so we can provide the heavy-duty protection your yard needs. With our highly-effective barrier spray application, we can remove up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property, hurricane or not. Protect your home from storms and bugs in this tempestuous season.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today. Stay safe neighbors and let us know how we can help you!

How Much Can a Mosquito Bite Cost You?

Since the average mosquito bite isn’t much more than a tiny bump, and the average bug not much more than a pest, it’s tempting to think of mosquitos as inconveniences rather than threats. This is not the case. According to the data on all-too-common mosquito bite complications, the opposite is true. A mosquito bite with complications can lead to all sorts of serious issues, like swelling, itching, or even serious illnesses, which can take your little bite from slightly uncomfortable to a painful drain of time and money very quickly.

A money drain, you say?

Absolutely. Here are just three ways mosquito bites can threaten your health: and your wallet.

1. Mosquitoes Cause Medical Bills

There’s an extensive list of diseases that mosquitos can provide to you. Topping this list are Zika, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, malaria, and yellow fever. You might look at this list and think that these are exotic diseases that could never reach you, but if you’ve been bitten, you are at risk. About 1,500 US citizens acquire Malaria every year, and you don’t want to be one of them. The fees associated with the necessary hospital visit for any of these vicious and life-threatening diseases are substantial. An average emergency room visit? $1,233. Don’t take the risk.

2. Mosquitoes Can Affect Your Efficiency at Work

Maybe you don’t care what it looks like when you’re sitting at your desk, one pant leg hiked up so that you can scratch that irritating bite, but your coworkers definitely do. Your boss definitely noticed, too. And the time you spend with a swollen wrists or ankles, red, puffy, itchy, and miserable, maybe struggling with cellulitis or abscesses, is time you aren’t getting things done. You can’t afford that opportunity cost by any means. Over time, you could lose time, a project, even a promotion. This is a risk, again, that you can’t afford to take.

3. Mosquito-Borne Illnesses can Cause Time Off Work

In the unfortunate event that you are hospitalized for a mosquito-borne illness, you will have to take time off work to deal with your swelling, fever, and blisters. If you use all your sick time, that hospital time starts looking like unpaid leave. That unpaid leave is money out of your pocket, right at the time that you need it most—all those hospital bills. You can’t afford to risk it.

When you look at it like this, there’s really no question about it. Taking care of the mosquitos in your life before they become a serious problem can definitely save you time, money, and inconvenience in the long run. Don’t lose your hard-earned time or money, just because a little bug wanted a snack. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria today at (361) 894 – 8642 and stop being a mosquito meal ticket.

How Mosquitoes Ruin Your Friendships

Mosquitoes are nasty critters. They bite, they make you itch, they carry diseases and spread them, and believe it or not, they can ruin your friendships. And they love it. They like nothing more than making people miserable as evidenced by their poor social graces and horrible etiquette. Not to mention it’s not enough for them to pick on man, but also on man’s best friend. If you let them take over, you can bet it will put a wrench in your friendships.


The Barbecue Mishap

Picture a beautiful day, the sun is shining and you are ready to grill baby! You’ve already invited the crew over to hang out and have a few beers while you spend the day rehashing old stories and sharing new ones. Everyone is bringing their fam and it’s going to be a great day. But wait…there is danger lurking around the yard. You hear a buzzing and then feel that familiar pinch. Oh no! Mosquitoes! Well, you think. They aren’t THAT bad, maybe no one will notice.

At first you’re right. As everyone shows up in the afternoon they aren’t too terrible, just a few bites here and there. Besides, it’s hot enough that everyone is spending time inside anyway. It’s a minor nuisance, but no biggie. Suddenly, as afternoon turns turns to evening…here. they. come. Now that the crowd has moved outdoors to enojy the evening and the fantastic food that you have been slaving over all day, the cloud descends and you are surrounded by man-eating mosquitoes.

Everyone is swatting and shooing, kids are crying, and everyone is shaking their heads at your inability to protect them and their children from these tiny terrorists. Next time you break out the ribs, only your cousin Joe shows up, and that’s only because he wasn’t there for the previous invasion. Don’t let this happen to you.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today! Save yourself and your friends from this fate or from now on, you’ll be grilling for one.


Does Your Blood Type Matter to Mosquitoes?

We’ve all wondered at one time or another why some people are bitten more often than others by mosquitoes. Is it their charm? Their wit? Or is it as many a parent has told their child, because they’re so sweet? It’s none of these, of course. But seriously, does blood type matter to mosquitoes?

Your blood type can make a difference to mosquitoes. 20% of the population bears the burden of being more attractive to mosquitoes than the rest.

Type O blood is more attractive than any other blood type to mosquitoes.
Type B is the next attractive.
Type A is the third most popular blood type among mosquitoes.
Type AB is the least attractive blood type to mosquitoes. Though, does not make anyone immune to being bitten.

In addition to blood type itself, the amount of secretion of that blood type through the skin is an even bigger factor. Those who secrete indication of their blood type through their skin are more likely to be bitten than those that do not secrete, regardless of what their blood type is.

There are other factors that come into play when it comes to the attractedness of mosquitoes.

Metabolism and activity levels are also strong factors in whether or not you will find yourself at the wrong end of a mosquito dinner party. Mosquitoes are attracteed to lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia. All of these substances are expelled through sweat as you work outside or exercise outdoors. The more you sweat, the more mosquitoes will ‘vant to suck your blood’ (said in my best vampire voice). Higher body temperatures are yet another element of activity outdoors that mosquitoes want more of.

Who wants to let these pests win? Don’t let them! Don’t be driven indoors. You should be free to garden, free to let your children and pets play outside, free to swim and enjoy yourself, and free to grill. Claim your freedom from mosquitoes with Mosquito Squad of Victoria! We want to help liberate you from the tyranny of these winged attackers. Our barrier spray keeps them out of your space and our mosquito misters will keep the outdoor spaces that you enjoy the most mosquito free! Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

What are the symptoms of West Nile Virus?

West Nile Virus virus is being spotted across the U.S. and the numbers are rising. In hot, humid climates, like those of South Texas areas around Victoria and Port Aransas, the number of people infected with West Nile Virus is higher than in colder, more arid places. These numbers will keep rising. While many of us are aware of West Nile Virus, we may not know how to identify if the symptoms we are suffering, or family members are suffering are West Nile Virus or something different. If you have been around any mosquito-infested areas, or have noticed mosquitoes around your home, you should know how to identify the symptoms of West Nile Virus. So, we have decided to share some of the symptoms of the West Nile Virus Virus with you here.

West Nile Virus is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito species. Animals and humans can be affected by symptoms of West Nile Virus. The virus can be aggressive and cause infection to the nervous system, though severe cases are not common. West Nile Virus is passed on often from mosquitoes who have bitten an infected bird and then bite a human or other animal. It can be passed on from one mosquito to multiple people and animals.

Those affected by West Nile Virus don’t always show symptoms. About 20% of those infected actually exhibit symptoms of the illness. The incubation period is three days to up to two weeks.

Symptoms of West Nile Virus Include:
• Fever
• Headache
• Body Aches
• Joint Pain
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Rash

According to CDC data.

There are many ways you can effort to protect your family and pets from West Nile Virus, but one of the most effective is to eradicate the threat around your home and business. Mosquito Squad can help you do this with our barrier spray and mosquito misters for your yard. Victoria neighbors, Mosquito control is all we do, and that’s why we’re so good at it. Our focus is mosquitoes and ticks, and you will see the results, we guarantee it. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

Why Do Mosquitoes Like Hot Weather and Warmer Climates?

Mosquitoes can be bothersome across the U. S. at certain times of the year. But, when it comes to the South, we are inundated with them for much longer. Mosquitoes love warm weather, particularly humid, climates that combine heat and moisture are their playgrounds. Tropical climates or those that mimic tropical climates are most popular. What is it about these muggy places that draw mosquitoes to them?

Mosquitoes are Cold-Blooded

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures and as such, their body temperature is more prone to the effects of the temperature around them. Cold-blooded animals do not do well in colder temperatures but thrive in warmer ones. This is why you see other cold-blooded animals in hot climates like snakes in Texas and lizards that live in deserts. Unfortunately, being cold-blooded in the south means that the temperatures may never get low enough to rid you of these pests. The weather just doesn’t get cold enough, especially in extreme southern areas, like south Texas. It’s best practice to protect your home, business or events early in the season and often.

<a href=“https://victoria.mosquitosquad.com/read-our-blog/2017/7/9/when-are-mosquitoes-most-active-season-and-time-day/” When are mosquitoes most active?

Mosquitoes Breed Better in Hot Climates

Hot, wet climates are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Coastal areas, especially warm ones are certain to see large numbers of mosquitoes each year. Rain is more likely in these areas, which can cause standing water in yards and other areas. Check any water that should be flowing, like in fountains, creeks, and other water features to ensure they are not creating a stagnant breeding space for bothersome buzzers. Make certain that water is not collecting in old tires, flowerpots or other items that may be laying about in your yard to help keep your space from becoming a mosquito incubator.

One sure-fire way to get rid of these pesky mosquitoes is to call Mosquito Squad of Victoria earlier in the season and keep your treatment plan going through the season. We serve Victoria and the surrounding communities, contact us to see if we service your location.

Why is Tick and Mosquito Control on Job Sites Important?

We all know the risk when we go hiking or camping. Ticks like wooded and grassy areas, if we choose to spend time in them we have to be very aware of ticks and other disease-carrying pests, like mosquitoes. But how many people really think of mosquito and tick control when they are out on the job? Survey crews certainly do, but construction, renovation, oil field and clean-up crews may not make it a top priority to keep an eye out for these pests. As pesky as they are, they can pose a great danger to your crew and it’s important that you work to keep them safe on the sites they spend extensive amounts of time on. We present you here with several reasons why.

Mosquitoes carry diseases that can take your workers out of commission for a few days to a few weeks.

Zika Virus – Mosquito-Borne Virus

According to the CDC, 5,700 symptomatic Zika virus disease cases were reported in the U.S. from 2015 to 2018. Zika symptoms include:

Joint Pain
Red Eyes
Muscle Pain

These symptoms can last from several days to a week. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women.

Malaria – Mosquito-Borne Infection

Malaria is a parasitic infection caused by a mosquito bite. It can be mild, severe or fatal in some cases. Though elimination of malaria was declared in the U.S. in the 1950s, currently approximately 1,500 cases reported each year across the country.

Common symptoms of malaria can include:

Nausea and Vomiting
Body Aches
General Malaise

There are long-term consequences in some instances of malaria, which range from neurological to low birth weight, ruptured spleen, and chronic kidney disease. Additionally, malaria sufferers can have relapses after weeks, months or even years without symptoms.

West Nile Virus – Mosquito-Borne Virus

West Nile Virus does not exibit symptoms in most people, but in those that do show symptoms they can be left with a slew of symptoms.

Body Aches
Joint Aches

West Nile Virus is particularly dangerous for the very old and very young. Approximately 1 in 150 people will have a fatal episode with the virus.

Lyme Disease – Tick-Borne Illness

Lyme Disease is transferred through infected tick bites.

Typical symptoms of Lyme Disease include:
Rash (erythema migrans)

The infection can be difficult to diagnose and can spread to other parts of the body like the joints, heart, and nervous system. When left untreated, more severe symptoms can develop in these areas.

What can you do to keep your job site safe?

You can see that not only would a mosquito-borne illness affect progress, but it would affect the health and paycheck for your crew members as well. You can give your workers tips on the proper clothes to wear when working, and how to check their clothing for ticks when they return home. Additionally, keep workspaces clear of standing water.

Even with these precautions, the risk is present. With Mosquito Squad of Victoria, you can rest assured that this is no longer an issue. Your workers will be able to work comfortably, without the distraction of buzzing insects and bites. Contact us today for a quote.

Outdoor Tips to Get Rid of Ticks and Mosquitoes on Job Sites

It’s bad enough having to deal with mosquitoes at home during this time of year, but when you can’t even get away from them at work it can be doubly frustrating. This is especially true in the coastal region with the constant humidity and rain. From clean-up and grading to building and landscaping, there are a few ways that you minimize the mosquito presence at every phase of the project.

Look for places where water gathers and fill in holes.

Even if there hasn’t been a recent rain, it’s a good idea to walk the site and see where there is a chance for water to pool. This creates an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to breed and then you have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Turn over equipment that could collect water at the end of the day.

Barrels, wheelbarrows and other pieces of equipment can be big trouble on a job site when they collect water. Again, this is an ideal place for mosquito larvae to mature and add significantly to your already active mosquito issue.

Make sure vegetation is cut back away from the job site.

Mosquitoes and ticks love to hang out in tall grass and other vegetation during particularly hot days. Ensure that the mosquitoes don’t have a place to ‘hang out’ on your job site so they can move along to greener pastures.

Drain pools if one exists on the site.

Whether a renovation, hotel or recreational site resided there previously. Once mosquitoes breed in such a large pool of water, it is a lot of additional work to get rid of them.

Encourage workers to dress appropriately to protect themselves.

It is incredibly hot right now in Texas. Your crew still has to dress for the job, and likely they already are required to wear long pants, work boots and appropriate shirt sleeve length. Reiterating this and making sure that they are adhering to it will help keep bites at bay.

They should check their clothes and boots, as well as their bodies for ticks at the end of the day if working around tall grass and vegetation. Shaking them out and giving them a once-over is the best practice each day.

Call Mosquito Squad to spray your job site.

The best way to protect your workers is to use the barrier spray from Mosquito Squad of Victoria. We work all the way to the coastal cities to help your crews stay safe and healthy. Keep the aggravation and distraction of pests away from your project and help them get the job done more efficiently and effectively. Learn more about the risks of not keeping your job site safe from ticks and mosquitoes here.

Dealing with a Mosquito Outbreak? These 5 Tips Will Help

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are seeing a huge mosquito outbreak across South Texas. As everyone continues to clean up and rebuild, it is important not to forget to do a survey of your property to keep yourself and your family safe. More mosquitoes with West Nile are being found in Texas and the last thing any of us wants to deal with on top of everything else is a serious illness.

Make sure that you rid your yard of standing water and be aware of where water gathers so you can be ready when more rain moves into the area.

Take note of the 5 T’s to help make your mosquito inspection efforts worthwhile:

1. Tip

Tip over any item or container that could gather water. From empty planters to wheelbarrows and even other random elements that a small pool could gather in like toys left out in the yard. It only takes a small amount of water to breed a lot of mosquitoes.

2. Toss

Toss grass clippings, leaves, wood and other debris that may be piling up, especially after clean-up. Ticks love to hide in places like this and it could be hiding more water that mosquitoes rely on to breed.


Turn over any items that collect when they are not in use like a children’s swimming pool or other items similar to this. Ensure that they are not sitting with water in them for long periods of time without being turned and/or cleaned. This goes for items like water bowls for pets and bird baths as well.

4. Tarp

Since tarps are meant to keep water off of your stuff, you may not think of them as something that could actually cause issues with standing water, but often they start to sag a bit or they are not posted so that water runs off, but collects on top of them. This works to the advantage of mosquitoes in that it’s something that is forgotten about often. Make sure to check this as well.

5. Treat

Treat your property with our barrier spray to ensure that you have nothing to worry about from other yards that may not have done their own walk-through. Enjoy your yard this fall as the weather cools off enough to spend time with friends and family outdoors.

Mosquito season doesn’t end when fall starts in Texas. This year, with the arrival of Harvey, this is particularly true. With the heavy rains, flooding and debris, there are so many more places for the mosquitoes to breed and take over. We have been looking at a much higher than normal mosquito population due to the storms and hurricanes across the U.S. Don’t get caught without protection just because summer is over. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

Top 5 Things You Don't Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are by far one of the least mysterious creatures to us. We know that they linger during warm and hot seasons and they live for making homes in our yards. They love biting us and that’s enough to know to stay far away from them when possible. Because we know well-enough about what they leave behind, we’re not super enthusiastic about getting to know them better, but what you didn’t know about mosquitoes might surprise you and also help you prevent them in the future.

Here are the top 5 things you don’t know about mosquitoes:

1. Only Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals

You might be surprised to know that each time you’ve been bitten by a mosquito, you’ve been bitten by a female mosquito. Male mosquitoes don’t bite humans or animals. Instead, they feed on flower nectar. So, why do female mosquitoes have a need to feed on humans and animals? Female mosquitoes need specific meals to make eggs and reproduce mosquito offspring. When female mosquitoes aren’t making eggs or reproducing, they’re happy to feed on flower nectar just like the males. Now you know that each time you find a mosquito bite, a female mosquito is nearby trying to reproduce. More mosquitoes? That’s a scary thought.

2. A mosquito’s wings beat 300-600 times per second

Ever wonder why you hear a high-pitched and highly annoying buzzing sound when a mosquito flies close to your ears? That is the sound from a mosquito’s wings, which beat anywhere between 300 and 600 times PER SECOND. Those are some quick wings. However, even though their wings beat at an incredibly fast rate, mosquitoes are actually very slow fliers. They only fly about 1 to 1.5 miles per hour.

3. There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes on Earth

That’s a lot of mosquitoes. However, not all live here in the United States and only a couple hundred species of mosquito feast on human blood. Some mosquitoes are known to stick to specific animals, like birds.

4. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away

One of the ways in which mosquitoes sense humans is by the carbon dioxide they emit. By sensing carbon dioxide, mosquitoes know which direction to travel in order to get their next meal. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from a human from 75 feet away. That’s quite a distance for their senses. This means they can sense you from across the street and be lured by appetite to your yard and home. Yikes!

5. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth

Despite your founded fears in creatures such as sharks, snakes, and others that are more likely to bring you to a deadly fate, mosquitoes are actually considered the deadliest “animals” on Earth. Even with their small size and simple ability to bite humans and animals, mosquitoes are considered to be the deadliest because they cause an estimated 830,000 human deaths per year. When you think about it, that’s quite a lot for a tiny buzzing bug.

Mosquitoes may not have claws, teeth or venom like many of the animals you fear encounters with, but mosquitoes are known to carry any number of deadly diseases. From Malaria to Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis in humans, and they can also carry heartworm, which can become lethal to many animals. That’s enough to make you want to put your home under a glass dome and keep mosquitoes out for good.

Mosquito Squad of Victoria can assist in keeping mosquitoes away from your yard and home while it’s still the season for mosquitoes. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

Mosquito Season is in Full Swing, Don’t Let Your Guard Down

As schools are back in session, it would seem that summer is at its end. Although summer break may be ending and fall is waiting just around the corner, the temperature reminds us that mosquito season is still in full-swing.

In Texas, the August and September months can still bring hot days and balmy nights. These hotter days may keep mosquitoes out of the sun. Like us, mosquitoes can’t stand the heat, so you’ll likely find them lingering in the shade and/or near sources of standing water. By evening time on hot days, their thirst drastically increases. Mosquitoes become more active during the cooler time of the day, which is when families tend to spend more time outside.

From July to September, there’s an increased chance for tropical storms and hurricanes to form in the Gulf and hit the coastal and inland areas of Texas. High temperatures plus a blanket of moisture create heavy humidity, an enticing combination for mosquitoes. So, don’t buy into the myth that mosquitoes are gone when summer ends, they aren’t gone just yet. Don’t let your guard down during this crucial time and follow our tips to keep them away.

Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away:

Remove standing water around your home

Remember to turn over any containers with standing water and remove any tarps that can collect water around your home. Empty bird baths and fountains if they’re not being used. When standing water is left in open areas around your home, it can become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Walk the perimeter of your home so you don’t miss any spots and don’t forget about the shaded areas that can provide mosquitoes relief from the heat.

Keep up with home maintenance

Hot temperatures and humidity entice all of us to stay inside with the air conditioning during this time, so it’s important you don’t let your yard overgrow. With the chance for increased rain, it’s important to keep your yard trimmed to prevent overgrowth, which attracts mosquitoes. Cut back any bushes during this time to prevent mosquitoes from making your yard their new home.

Clean your gutters

We all tend to put off far-from-fun chores like cleaning the gutters, but leaving them to collect water and debris from the trees only provides a safe place for mosquitoes to gather. Don’t skip a gutter-cleaning, especially after it rains.

Have your home and yard treated by Mosquito Squad of Victoria

Utilize Mosquito Squad of Victoria’s Barrier Spray protection program around the home and yard. Using a barrier treatment reduces the need for spraying DEET-containing bug spray on your children. We can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on a property and effectively create a barrier around your yard which mosquitoes are less likely to cross. You can also invest in a mosquito misting system, which takes care of spraying your yard and keeps you and your family safe from the biting bugs.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

Will Texas Hurricane Season Bring More Mosquitoes?

In the sweltering Texas summer, you can find plenty of sun and high temperatures. This also means you will very likely run into those pesky mosquitoes, too. If the buzzing isn’t enough to annoy you, the biting and itching will in no time if you’re not prepared. During this time, high temperatures won’t be all that invites mosquitoes to your yard and home because there’s a higher risk for hurricanes and tropical storms to form and consequently, hit the Texas coast and neighboring areas.

Why do mosquitoes seem more apparent during hurricane season?

Hurricane season in Texas creates an attractive combination for mosquitoes: rain, moisture and warm temperatures. Humidity may be dreadful for humans, but mosquitoes feel most comfortable in these conditions. Because such unpredictable weather lies within most of the hurricane season, your home should be prepared for anything from a light shower to mild flooding. This increased chance for rain from hurricanes and tropical storms create more opportunities for water to sit around your home. Since standing water attracts and often becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it’s best to be proactive and eradicate the opportunities for water to collect around your yard.

How can I prepare my home for rainy weather and prevent mosquitoes?

The only thing that is certain during hurricane season is that you should be prepared for any situation. The best way to do this is to eliminate the potential for mosquitoes to linger in your yard. You can do this by turning over any empty pots, removing excess grass and firewood clippings, taking down tarps that can hold water, taking care of your home maintenance, and treating your yard for mosquitoes. The professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria can help treat your home for those pesky mosquitoes.

Prepare your home before rain occurs by making a mosquito-prevention checklist and following through. Walk the perimeter of your yard and note the places where rain water can collect and attract the biting bugs. This way, you can eliminate the possibility of forgetting about the potential problem areas.

You can also invest in a mosquito misting system, a service the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria offer year ‘round. Keep the biting bugs at bay with mosquito prevention staying in your backyard all the time.Check out our page for special offers on misting systems or treatment plans!

What should I do after rain or a storm?

Sometimes, even if you prepare your home to the fullest to keep mosquitoes away, a major storm or lots of rainfall can still impact areas on your property you can’t fully prepare for. After the rain, be sure and properly clean out your gutters and drains to ensure water isn’t collected and sitting there. Then, continue basic home maintenance like maintaining your yard by keeping the grass cut short and trimming overgrown plants and bushes.

Another way to maintain your home and prevent mosquitoes is by calling Mosquito Squad of Victoria for our highly-effective barrier spray application. We can remove up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! In rain or shine, the mosquito population is here to stay as long as the temperatures are warm. In Texas, that means mosquitoes will be camped out for at least a few more months. Protect your home for the peak summer season, especially with the increased chance for storms to brew.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria us today to start your mosquito control plan by calling us at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website today!

July 2017 Zika Update: Zika Virus is Not Gone

Now that we begin to hit triple digit temperatures, summer in Texas is in full-swing and peak season for mosquitoes and cases of the Zika virus is just beginning. It’s been just over a year since we first heard about the risks posed to Texas residents about the Zika virus. Even though the second year of the Zika virus has been relatively quiet, the threat of this mosquito-borne illness still persists, putting many adults and children alike at risk of contracting the disease.

Southern Counties Report Increase in Mosquitoes Capable of Spreading Zika

A new report shows that U.S. counties across the South, located in Texas and as far as Illinois, have reported mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika or other related viruses. Two types of mosquito, including Zika’s main vector Aedes aegypti, are the primary transmitters of Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya viruses. Although Zika hasn’t dominated the headlines of news articles since last year’s large concern about the virus, these reports show that additional counties – primarily in Texas – recorded the presence of this type of mosquito, a 21 percent increase from a survey recorded in 2016. Although you don’t hear about Zika as much as you did months ago, the reports indicate that the threat posed by mosquitoes lingering here persists.

How Will I Know If I Contract the Zika Virus?

Through July 12, the CDC has reported 163 symptomatic cases of Zika in the United States and 522 in U.S. territories this year alone. This doesn’t account for the number of cases in which a person contracts the Zika virus and shows no symptoms at all. According to the Center for Disease Control, many people infected won’t have symptoms or will only show mild symptoms, meaning people who may have contracted Zika show can flu-like symptoms that disappear within days to a week. Because these symptoms are common and often mild, if they appear at all, these people often never seek medical attention, thus cases like these go undocumented. However, if symptoms from the virus appear, the most common include:

• Fever
• Rash
• Headache
• Joint or muscle pain
• Red eyes

If you experience these symptoms, it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor to test for the Zika virus.

Protect Yourself Against the Zika Virus

Zika may have faded from headlines, but mosquito control is still absolutely necessary to protect your family and yourself when it comes to mosquito-borne illnesses like the Zika virus.

1. Clear any standing water that surrounds your home, this particular area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Keep up with home maintenance – cleaning your gutters and maintaining your yard prevents mosquitoes from becoming attracted to your home.

3. Team up with Mosquito Squad of Victoria and utilize our Barrier Spray protection program. We can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property.

The best way to protect your home and family from mosquitoes and ultimately from the risk of contracting the Zika virus is through active prevention. Utilize popular protection programs like our Mosquito Squad Barrier Protection Spray or ensure continuous mosquito control with an automatic mosquito misting system. Ready to start your mosquito-prevention plan? Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website to ensure a safe and mosquito-free summer and fall!

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active? (Season and Time of Day )

Mosquitoes cause a lot of irritation from buzzing to biting and then there’s the after effects – itching! Long after a mosquito has bitten, you are reminded of their presence with the burning, itching, ugly welts they leave behind. Of course, the best way to keep this from happening is avoiding mosquitoes altogether, which is not easy to do, so prevention in the form of mosquito control early is the best option. There are peak times for mosquitoes, as in seasons AND time of day.

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active in Texas During the Year?

It depends on where you are in Texas, but we, along with the other southernmost states get the disadvantage of the some of the earliest starting and latest ending dates for mosquito season in the U.S.

When Does Mosquito Season Start in South Texas?

South Texas mosquito season actually starts in February, believe it or not. As soon as the weather makes its way above 50 degrees for a significant amount of time, mosquito eggs will start hatching. The rest of Texas usually starts just after the South with the season taking hold in March.

But for those in the southern region of Texas, mosquito control should begin earlier than March so it doesn’t get out of control. If you have a mister, February is the time to get it checked out and serviced. If no mosquito mister is present, then February is time to get your action plan in place. Prevention starts early and you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity. Not to mention getting on the calendar early is to your advantage. Come mid-March, everyone who doesn’t heed this advice is already behind and will start filling the calendar with urgently needed mosquito treatment appointments!

What Time of Day Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Most mosquitoes, especially in South Texas are most active in the cooler (we know, haha) hours. They come out just as the sun is rising or setting and stay out after sundown. Our most common mosquito, the Tiger mosquito is active in the late afternoon, evening and morning hours.

The mosquitoes you find flying around your home are more likely to bite in the evening and into the night, which is why you will find evidence of bites, especially on babies and young children the next day. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes through these bites are a big reason to start mosquito control measures before there is a problem.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite at Night?

Sun exposure, especially in the very hot climates of the south can dehydrate mosquitoes. Which is even more reason to make sure standing water is scarce around your property. Mosquitoes seek out shaded areas, areas with tall grass, and/or spots that have standing water to avoid sunlight.

When Does Mosquito Season End in Texas?

The end of mosquito season varies, especially in a state as large as Texas. The variable is temperature. Regions, like South Texas that stay above 50 degrees for most of the year can have a very long mosquito season, starting in February and not ending until October or November. Consistent mosquito control and treatment through summer and well into fall is very important in hot climates, like those in South Texas.

If you haven’t started your mosquito control plan yet, or didn’t realize how long you needed to plan for in Victoria and the surrounding counties, we invite you to contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria at (361) 894 – 8642 or by visiting our website to ensure a safe and mosquito-free summer and fall!

3 Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Summer Tick and Mosquito Free!

Summer is a kid’s favorite time of year! No school, no worries, no responsibilities (we parents may have something to say about that last one). They spend more time outdoors, and you know what that means…more adventures which lead to more bumps and bruises, more sunburns and more bug bites! Say no to the itch this year and help make your summer, as well as you kiddo’s summer mosquito free with these tips!

1. Make sure if the kids are in a wooded area to look out for ticks!

Ticks are everywhere and in the summer with camping, swimming holes and the like, they are bound to grab on to clothes or whatever they can to get to their ultimate goal….you and your family. If you are going camping, or even if you have larger property and/or trees in your yard, it’s a good idea to check the kids head to toe for ticks when they come inside. Better yet, call Mosquito Squad and let us take care of the threat for you. Our treatments help reduce ticks on your property, along with mosquitoes and there is even an option to take care of other swarming insects.

2. Don’t let your kids go out without mosquito protection!

Mosquito protection is extra important during summertime, especially at night. If you are going to be outdoors for any period of time, especially at sunset and after sundown. If they are going to be outside of your yard then make sure you have taken appropriate precautions to protect them, whether camping, fishing or just hanging out, you don’t want an unnecessary illness or discomfort. If you are entertaining in your yard or on your property, or if you know that is their one of their go-to spots (particularly if you have a pool) then contact us for treatment plans that will protect you through the summer and beyond! Ask about any current specials we may have going on.

3. Teach your kids how to try to avoid mosquito hot spots outdoors.

This is definitely easier said than done (unless you’ve already called Mosquito Squad for treatments or a misting system). However, make sure you kids know the mosquito “danger zones”. They should avoid any standing, stagnant water. If you find that there is standing water in your yard, do what you can to get rid of it. Additionally, they should avoid any tall grass and climbing or playing in shrubbery.

If you follow these cautionary tips, you can help reduce the itching and discomfort that your kids experience this summer. It’s hot enough in South Texas without the additional aggravation of itchy bites and gross sprays. Why not start a treatment plan that you can schedule and get mosquito control off your list for the summer so you, your kids and all your guests can enjoy the summer festivities without any aggravation. Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!

Who Do Mosquitoes Bite Most?

Mosquitoes…they are some of the most aggravating creatures. They show up in Texas during the hottest part of the year when you’re annoyed with the heat and then here comes that familiar buzzing. Then there’s the biting. You’re certain you get bitten more than most of your friends leaving you asking, why do mosquitoes like me more than everyone else? Asked and answered…

Do Mosquitoes Like a Certain Blood Type?

So, you may be wondering, do mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type over others? A controlled study from 2004 suggests that they prefer Type O to Type A by a close to 2 to 1 margin and Type B more than Type A blood. This may or may not be a strong factor, but there are plenty of other reasons mosquitoes prefer some more than others.

I’m tired of mosquitoes, save me Mosquito Squad!

Mosquitoes Are Really into Acid

Mosquitoes really like people with excess acids in their skin. Uric acid, in particular, is attractive to mosquitoes. Their sense of smell is extraordinary, with the ability to smell a human target from about 50 meters away.

Carbon Dioxide is a Huge Factor in Mosquito Attraction

Mosquitoes can smell carbon dioxide on the breath of someone with higher amounts than normal. This is not good news for larger people, but great news for kids who don’t have other influencing factors against them. Pregnant women are at a higher risk too, as they produce more than the average amount of CO2.

Skin Bacteria is Attractive to Mosquitoes

The microbes on our skin are attractive to different mosquitoes depending on the smell they give off. In this same vein, different mosquitoes prefer different body parts like feet or armpits. There is evidence that some animals use their scent to repel mosquitoes and other insects. If only we could bottle that! Though, then we might have a totally different problem on our hands.

I’ve heard enough, sign me up for mosquito control…stat!

Other Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People More than Others

Physical activity can contribute to mosquito attractiveness, mostly a concern if you’re outdoors. Motion attracts mosquitoes as does lactic acid and carbon dioxide from heavy breathing. Steroids or cholesterol (from people who metabolize cholesterol at a higher rate) on the surface of the skin can also attract mosquitoes.

While there may not be much you can do about your chemical make-up or your blood type, there is plenty you can do about your mosquito control! Call Mosquito Squad today and forget the cans of spray this summer! Relax in your yard or pool without that sticky mess they leave behind. Schedule a spraying schedule or misting system installation! Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!

Keep Your Summer Events Mosquito Free!

Mosquitoes are having a field day right now with the recent rain and rising temperatures, the conditions are ideal for a mosquito population explosion. Spring and summer are the best time of year for mosquitoes, and it’s also the best time of year for outdoor entertaining. The two together can add up to catastrophe! Don’t let that happen to you! Find a way to keep your celebrations with family and friends mosquito free and fun!

Mosquito Free Backyard Barbecues

Some of us look forward to summer all year long for one reason and one reason only. Barbecue season! It’s time to get the brisket, ribs, sausage and even burgers and dogs out on that grill. There’s enough to deal with when you’re cooking in South Texas outdoors between the heat from the sun, and from the pit. No one wants to deal with mosquitoes too. Who wants to have to spray themselves over and over again all day long? It’s easy enough to cool down with a cold beverage and a dip in the pool.

What if we told you it was easy to get rid of those pesky blood-suckers too, and even avoid the nasty spray that you end up sweating off anyway? Mosquito Misting Systems are ideal for your outdoor entertaining spaces. No muss, no fuss and maintenance from professionals too? Sign me up!

Wedding Without Pests

Are you hosting a wedding on your property or have you decided on outdoor nuptials? Mosquitoes love attending these affairs just as much as your family and friends will. You don’t want any uninvited guests at your special day. Forget handing out cans of smelly repellent as wedding favors. Plan ahead to eliminate mosquitoes from the festivities.

If you are hosting then getting a spray a few days before the ceremony will help ensure everyone has a great time and rather than being eaten alive. Don’t worry if it’s a large space, we’ve got it covered. If you’ve got a venue ready, make sure they are working with the best to eliminate pesky mosquitoes, flying bugs, and ticks. Give them our number if you need to make sure they’ve got someone you can trust for your big day!

Outdoor Venue Mosquito Control

When you’re responsible for other people’s happiest celebrations you want them to go well. Rather than spending tons of money on cans of spray and leaving everyone feeling like a sticky, smelly mess, try something different. You don’t want guests complaining about mosquito bites or having to douse themselves in spray that will certainly end up in their eyes, on their clothes or in their food. If you have a pool on the premises or outdoor furniture, you don’t want to deal with the residue left behind either.

Consider Mosquito Misting Systems for patio areas and scheduled sprays for your large spaces. Summer is your time to make a great impression so you can keep them coming back for years to come. Make sure the memories they’re making don’t include biting pests.

Mosquito Squad serves residential and venue spaces in Victoria and across South Texas to the coast. Contact us for your mosquito control needs and let us help you enjoy summer the way it’s meant to be! Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!

Protecting Your Pets and Horses from Mosquitoes

Our pets have become part of the family and just as much as you want to protect yourself and your children from swarming, biting insects, you want to protect them as well. Dogs, cats, and other animals are at risk of contracting mosquito-born illnesses as well as humans are. These are the best ways to protect pets from mosquitoes, and for ranchers and farmers, how to protect horses from mosquitoes.

Consult with Your Veterinarian for Mosquito Protection and Dangers to Animals

Your vet can let you know what diseases your pet is at risk of developing from mosquito bites, as well as bites from ticks and other flying pests. According to the FDA heartworm disease results can include: “severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death in pets, mainly dogs, cats, and ferrets.” Heartworms are carried by mosquitos but mature, mate and live inside the animals they infect, causing damage to their heart, lungs and other internal organs. The animals are infected by a bite from a mosquito carrying the heartworms. You can protect your animals. The best course of action is to discuss treatment with your veterinarian, but here are some possible options:

Protecting Horses from Mosquito-borne Illness

Mosquito-borne illness isn’t just something to be concerned about for pets and humans, but also for horses. The animals are particularly susceptible because of the areas they spend time in with tall grass, lots of vegetation and standing water in ponds and troughs.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

According to the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, several horses in Texas were diagnosed with Easter Equine Encephalitis (also known as Triple E or EEE) in 2015. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and birds and is neurologic in nature. Symptoms of EEE in horses can include: impaired vision, loss of coordination, temparature and altered head carriage.

West Nile Virus in Horses

West Nile Virus poses a risk to horses and humans, but in horses the mortality rate is significant. A Rutgers FAQ describes possible symptoms of West Nile Virus in horses to be: lack of coordination, anorexia, weakness of hind limbs, grinding teeth, disorientation and several other effects.

There are several ways to protect your horses from West Nile Virus and EEE.

  • get horses vaccinated if recommended by your veterinarian, and do so at the right time of year
  • do not leave water catching containers out with water in them (barrels, buckets, etc.)
  • contact a mosquito control agent to do an assessment on your property
  • regularly monitor automatic watering systems and/or consider a trough with a bottom plug
  • clean gutters on buildings to ensure no standing water
  • invest in a mosquito misting system for the barn area

Whether your concern is your family or your animals, safe and effective protection is available for your yard or barn. Contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria to come out for a free assessment and treatment plan recommendation. Ask about specials on treatment and misting systems. Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!

Texas A&M Vetrinary Medical Diagnostics Laboratory
Rutgers West Nile Virus in Horses: Frequently Asked Questions
Keep the Worms Out of Your Pet’s Heart! The Facts about Heartworm Disease

Mosquito Misting Systems are the Best Way to Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes

Mosquito misting systems are the best way to keep your family safe from mosquitoes. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your family or entertaining, a mosquito misting system is a MUST. Especially in South Texas where the heat and moisture attract mosquitoes most of the year.

Did you even know a mosquito misting system was an option? Many people don’t realize that they don’t have to rely on monthly or quarterly mosquito sprays if they invest in a mosquito misting system. The systems work on an automated spray schedule or can be manually utilized when needed via a remote control that the homeowner is provided. Learn more about the systems here.

We know what you’re next question is, and yes, we do service mosquito misting systems in Victoria, Texas and South Texas year ‘round. Meaning that when it’s mosquito season we’ll keep your system running effectively and during down time we will winterize your system. Once the season starts heating up again we’ll come back out to make sure you are ready to take on spring and summer mosquitoes in your yard! We perform routine maintenance and chemical refills as needed.

Who should get a mosquito misting system?

*anyone who spends time in their yard during mosquito season
*indoor event venues should invest in a mosquito misting system
*outdoor event venues benefit greatly from outdoor mosquito misting systems
*ranchers and farmers with livestock at risk of mosquito-born diseases

Do you already have a mosquito misting system that isn’t working?
Did you have a misting system installed in the past but the company you worked with is no longer in business or cannot service your equipment? Call Mosquito Squad of Victoria for assistance.

Mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that cause problems during the spring and summer months. South Texas is no stranger to flying bugs, we all live with them everywhere we go. But, what if you didn’t have to deal with gnats, crane flies, mayflies and some of the other flying, swarming pests that can ruin a day outdoors? Our misting system rids your yard of flying insects of many varieties, as well as helping with tick control. Enjoy your backyard again without worrying about the annoying pests that can keep you indoors!

Picnics, barbecues, pool parties and more are making a comeback with the awesome protection that a mosquito misting system from Mosquito Squad of Victoria can provide! Contact us today to learn more about special offers and discounts on mosquito misting systems. Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!


South Texas, especially areas like Victoria, Texas and surrounding communities are no stranger to mosquitoes. The humidity that we all know and love so much (ha!) is very attractive to the mosquito population. With spring here and the weather heating up for the long-term, these winged pests are not going anywhere and are only going to get more and more bothersome. Taking preventative measures and putting together a plan to keep your yard free of mosquitoes now, rather than waiting until the problem is out of control is the smartest move you can make!

While enjoying a day smoking a brisket and an afternoon grilling hot dogs with the kids without annoying uninvited guests is an important reason to get rid of the threat of mosquitoes, more important is the health of your family. In recent years Zika has been big news and a cause for concern when it comes to mosquitoes. According to the CDC, a confirmed case of mosquito contracted Zika was confirmed in South Texas in November 2016 and Dengue Fever outbreaks have occurred in the Brownsville area in recent years. With mosquito season heating up, you don’t want to take any chances.

In addition to Zika, it looks like Yellow Fever may be back as well. The unexpected outbreak in Brazil has U.S. officials on edge and watching the situation closely. Though it hasn’t happened yet, the concern of an outbreak in an urban area is a big concern of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases according to Director Anthony Fauci.

There are a few things you can do to help cut down on the number of mosquitoes around your yard this year. Here are some of our best tips to help you get through the spring and summer months with fewer bugs and a lot more fun!

Clean Your Gutters

An often missed reason for mosquitoes to gather, clogged gutters allow for standing water in places where you cannot see it forming. This creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that you may never be aware of.

Keep your lawn mowed

We know it gets hot! Like REALLY hot in South Texas and it can be hard, but keeping the grass cut is imperative to keeping mosquitoes from gathering on overgrown vegetation and weeds.

Have Your Yard Sprayed

Working with a professional like Mosquito Squad to have your yard sprayed is the ideal way to take care of your mosquito control. If you set up your schedule with a professional, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or spraying at the last minute which can result in a chemical smell to your barbecue and not enough time for the spray to dry or be effective.

A professional mosquito treatment is more effective because the equipment pros use is suited to cover a large area with minimal drying time and best results. You never can know what exactly is in the store-bought sprays either, but you know Mosquito Squad only uses spray that is safe for your family and pets.

Clean and Chlorinate Pools

Even if you’re going out of town and during winter months when they may not be used, make sure to continue to care for your pool. Particularly with how warm winter has been, there is an opportunity for mosquitoes to use pools as a veritable hatchery.

Avoid Standing Water

Check your yard for any spots that do not drain after rain and make sure anything like pools, buckets, fountains or planters from last spring aren’t sitting collecting water and creating a mosquito hazard.

Get a Mosquito Misting System

Didn’t know this was an option? You’re not alone. Many people in South Texas don’t realize that they can have a mosquito misting system put in place to help keep their homes virtually mosquito free all year ‘round. It’s the best way to say biting bugs are not welcome here! Mosquito Squad of Victoria will install, winterize and prep your system every year. We service our installations as well, so if there are ever any quick fixes that need to be made, we’ve got you covered! Check our page for special offers on misting systems or treatment plans!

Mosquito Squad of Victoriawants to help you enjoy your yard throughout the spring and summer while helping you to ensure your family stays safe from dangerous diseases. We have packages to accommodate the needs of homeowners across South Texas and the Texas coast. Contact us today to start your mosquito control plan for the year! Call us at (361) 894 – 8642 and start enjoying your yard again today!


Breeding conditions have been ideal for the Asian Tiger Mosquito. If you think you started getting bites earlier than normal this year, you’re right. Tiger Mosquitoes usually start showing up in Texas in April, but this year they started early. With the lack of cold weather and hard freezes this winter season, the mosquitoes didn’t die off in their typical numbers. That, combined with the early warming temperatures helped them to get a jump on the season and get ahead of the game.

The recent wet conditions won’t slow things down at all but will speed up the spread of these mosquitos and other species across South and Central Texas. The issue in South Texas has gotten so intense that the City of McAllen has approved funding for mosquito research. University students will collect data to provide to the CDC to conduct testing. Zika and West Nile are the main targets of the research, as both are risks across South Texas and the Valley.

How to protect your family and petsfrom mosquitoes:

Make sure to get rid of standing water around your property either in puddles in the yard or standing water in containers, fountains or bird baths. This is an ideal place for the mosquitoes to breed.

Use topical sprays any time you and your family are going outside, especially at dusk or when spending time near bodies of water like ponds and lakes. Do not use these sprays on dogs, but get a spray that is animal-safe.

Talk to your veterinarian about heartworm medication for your animals. They are at high risk of developing heartworms if bitten by an infected mosquito.

Make sure your lawn is not overgrown. Mosquitoes flourish in tall grass.

The best option is prevention and ongoing treatment for mosquitoes in South Texas, both of which Mosquito Squad of Victoria can provide for you. With our misting systems, you will have mosquito control at your fingertips at all times. Our treatment plans, like 12 weeks of protection will have you covered well into the summer, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your yard again! Don’t let the mosquitoes drive you indoors. Take back your yard today, contact Mosquito Squad of Victoria for your mosquito control needs!

Recent Rains Have Established a Stronghold for Aedes Mosquitoes in Texas, According to Recent Reports

Standing water and warm weather, the perfect combination for mosquito breeding. As you more than likely already know, we receive plenty of rain here in Victoria, and it’s definitely what could be described as “warm” outside. Is your yard going to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Do you know how to keep that from happening? These are indeed important questions. Worry not, however, Mosquito Squad of Victoria can ensure your yard is mosquito free with our highly effective barrier spray application. We can remove up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your property and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

According to a recent article in the Waco Tribune, “Recent rains have assured plentiful breeding habitat for the Aedes mosquito…”. It appears we aren’t even close to the peak of mosquito season. Usually by July we are at the height of the season which will continue until at least October. It appears the recent rains have allowed for a jumpstart to another uptick in the mosquito population.

Aedes mosquitoes are gaining worldwide attention. You’ve probably heard the name before. The reason for their increased notoriety is due to Zika. Aedes mosquitoes are the primary carrier of the Zika virus. Essentially, the Aedes mosquito is the primary reason for so many athletes dropping out of the Olympics in Rio due to fear of the Zika virus. Zika has been associated with a birth defect called microcephaly, which results in improper development of the brain in a fetus – the results can be heartbreaking. Not only is Zika spread through mosquito bites, but can also be spread by blood transfusions as well as sexual contact.

Just last week was National Mosquito Control Awareness Week. To find out how effective Mosquito Squad of Victoria is at keeping the Aedes, and all other mosquitoes, from dwelling in your yard this summer and fall, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at [email protected] or click the green “Alert the Squad” button to the top right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Mosquito Control is a Crucial Part in the Fight Against Zika

Whether you know it or not, mosquito control has a huge impact on the mosquito population as well as their ability to spread disease. Recently, the World Health Organization has recently stated, “The Zika epidemic and the birth defects it’s causing are both the fault of governments that abandoned programs to control mosquitoes and to provide even the most basic family planning assistance to young women.” Inherently, this message to government entities should also hold true for citizens as well, exclusively regarding the mosquito control aspect. You too can help make a difference!

When it comes to mosquito control, you and your family can do their part. Always remember the T’s of Mosquito Control:.

  • TIP

    Tip over items in your yard to reduce standing water and help eliminate mosquito breeding areas. Such as sandboxes, toys, and wagons. Also, planting saucers and dog bowls. Other hotspots include gutters and flat roofs.
  • TOSS

    Remove excess grass, leaves, firewood and clippings from yard as these areas are ripe for mosquito breeding.
  • TURN

    Turn over large yard items that could hold water like children’s sandboxes or plastic toys.

    If tarps stretched over firewood piles, boats, or sports equipment aren’t taught, they’re holding water. Remove them or keep them pulled tight.

    Take care of home maintenance needs that can contribute to standing water, including cleaning out gutters and making sure downspouts are attached properly, keeping your lawn grass low, and check irrigation systems for leaking.

    Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking with neighbors is a key component to mosquito, and tick, control. Townhomes and homes with little space between lots mean that mosquitoes can breed at a neighbor’s home, and affect your property.

    Utilize Mosquito Squad’s Barrier Spray protection program around the home and yard. Using a barrier treatment reduces the need for spraying DEET containing bug spray on your children. We can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on a property.

Both the Aedes aegypti as well as the Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger) mosquitoes are right here in Victoria TX and they both are capable of transmitting a myriad of different vector-borne illnesses. Keep in mind the small amount of water in which mosquitoes are capable of laying eggs. Just a bottle cap full of water can act as a breeding ground for hundreds of new, bloodthirsty mosquitoes. By emptying out children’s toys and items such as tires, you can help to keep the mosquito population within your yard to a minimum. Also, if you have clogged gutters, you essentially have a home which could breed thousands, if not millions, of mosquitoes during the season. Stay on the offensive to protect you and your family from mosquitoes.

To keep your yard mosquito free for the entire season, call the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria. We can not only help knock down existing mosquitoes within your yard, but we can also keep them from entering your yard. While they may enter, they are goners as soon as they land on any surface which has been treated with our highly effective barrier spray. Also, we can evaluate your property to help show you areas which may become problem areas for mosquito breeding.

To find out what Mosquito Squad of Victoria can do to keep your yard free of potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes all season long, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at [email protected] or click the green “Alert the Squad” button to the top right. We look forward to hearing from you!

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